It’s A Man’s World (046, Feb 2013)

The impetus for this Banter comes from our recent adventures with The Anti Room podcast. We invited Sinead Gleeson and Anna Carey and their guests to host a live recording of their podcast about feminist issues at Banter last October and it was such a success that we invited them back last month to do another one.

But it also got us thinking about why we never hear men’s issues discussed so openly and freshly in the same way. We also wondered why when it comes to men’s issues that the same tired, boring voices and agendas always hold sway. It’s A Man’s World will look at what it means to be a man in Ireland today, why men don’t talk about issues which affect them and the huge benefits of actually discussing this kind of stuff.

The lads: Sean Moncrieff (Newstalk), John Buckley (SpunOut), John Evoy (founder Irish Men’s Sheds Association) and Damien Mulley (Mulley Communications and a zillion other things).


The details: It’s A Man’s World will take place at the Twisted Pepper (Middle Abbey Street), Dublin on Tuesday February 26. Doors open at 7.30pm and the Bantering gets underway at 8pm sharp. Admission is free, but you need to be signed up to the invite list which you will find here.

Big thanks to Banter kitchen cabinet dude Finian Murphy for the initial idea.

Doing It Differently (045, Feb 2013)

It’s time to Cork. We’ve been meaning to do some Bantering in the southern capital for quite some time so it’s awesome to finally get it together.

The topic for our debut in the city is Doing It Differently, a chance to talk to people who are actively out there doing stuff and doing it with a twist. The overall Irish narrative right now may be about economic doom and gloom, but there are splashes of colour in the midst of all that. And it’s those splashes of colour and people who are not just sitting back fuming amd moaning that we’re keen to highlight.

The bright sparks: James Whelton (CoderDojo), Niamh O’Mahony (journalist, former board member of FORAS and Cork City FC and project manager of an EC-funded Improving Football Governance project in Ireland), Mary Nally (Drop Everything) and Mark Carry (Fractured Air).

Cat Power illustration by Craig Carry from Fractured Air

The details: Doing It Differently will take place at The Pavilion (Carey’s Lane), Cork on Saturday February 16. Doors open at 1.30pm and the Bantering gets underway at 2pm sharp. Admission is free, but you need to be signed up to the invite list which you will find here.

Huge thanks to Joe Kelly at the Pavilion for his help in setting this up.