Generation Z (103, Mar 2014)

Meet the new guard. Brands, marketing and advertising may be all about the millenials at present when it comes to flogging their products and selling their wares, but there’s a new generational cast arriving in town and they’ve a far different mindset to the twentysomethings who’ve gone before them. They’re the young men and women who were born since the mid-1990s, a group who’ve been digital natives from the moment they could talk and who weren’t even in secondary school when the Celtic Tiger was in full bloom or, indeed, crashing down.

So, what do they think about this, that and the other? What are their views on life, the universe and everything else? What’s their take on technology, work, politics, privacy, entertainment, social enterprise, Ireland, climate change, culture, the future, the millenials and a whole lot more besides? We’ve decided to ask four of them along to Banter to check their heads.

Banter’s Generation Z panelJessy Rose (singer with Hare Squead), Melissa Kavanagh (poet, Bave New Voices Atlanta 2015), Lia Grogan (SpunOut contributer) and Jordan Casey (programmer and games developer – piece on Jordan here)

Banter on Generation Z takes place at the Twisted Pepper (Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1) on Wednesday March 11. Doors open 6pm and the panel kicks off at 6.30pm. Tickets are available here.