The culture of sexual harassment (191, March 2018)

In the wake of Weinstein, Nassar, #MeToo and much more, society is scrutinising sexual harassment in the workplace like never before. Whereas slow erosions on inequalities are often the norm, this movement gained much momentum suddenly and demanded a sea-change.

What we wants to know is: how did we find ourselves here? How can this fervour be sustained? And what can be done to crystalise this zero tolerance into something that works for workers, but also attains the buy-in of business?

Joining us to discuss these issues and more will be Noeline Blackwell (Chief Executive of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre), Ellen Coyne (senior Ireland journalist with The Times Ireland Edition), Simone George (consultant litigator and advocate) and Caroline McCamley (business consultant and executive director of Ampersand)

The Culture of Sexual Harassment

The details: A Culture of Sexual Harassment: From #MeToo to What Now? takes place at The Liquor Rooms, Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 on Wednesday March 28. Doors open at 6pm and we start at 6.30pm. Tickets are available here and all proceeds from the event go to Women’s Aid.

Can the cyclist and the city ever be friends? (190, March 2018)

Everyone is giving out. Cyclists complain about wheel-grabbing Luas tracks, rough road surfaces, daydreaming pedestrians, careless drivers, car-friendly media and unhelpful gardaí. Meanwhile, pedestrians and drivers complain about cyclists, especially the red-light breakers, the pedestrian-crossing blankers and the pavement dashers.

Is the problem just bad behaviour by individual road users? Is poor urban design pitting people against each other in a fight for scarce street space? And what can be done to bring peace and safety to our streets?

Free the cycle lains, cycle lain on O Connell street

At this event organised by Banter and Dublin Inquirer, we’ll tackle these issues and try not to either get trapped in the Luas tracks or break any red lights.

On the evening of Wednesday, 21 March, from 6:30pm to about 8:30pm, Dublin Inquirer and Banter will present a panel discussion of these issues.

The panelClaudine Chen (cycling advocate and a member of the Dublin Cycling Campaign), Jason Taylor (principal author of the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets, the government handbook on how to encourage sustainable travel in urban areas) and Jim Waldron from the National Private Hire & Taxi Association

The details: the event will be held at the Robert Emmet Community Development Project, (3-8 Usher Street, Dublin 8) on Wednesday March 21 at 6.30pm. Admission is free, but tickets must be booked in advance here.

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