“BUT what about the MENZ?!” (053, July 2013)

It’s Banti Room time again, people. Over the last few months, Banter has had great sport teaming up with the ladies from The Anti Room for various talking shops. It’s even inspired our own take on masculinity a few months ago.

This one, then, is also for the men (or menz). Conservatives are fond of accusing feminists of ignoring men’s voices. “But what about the MENZ?!” they cry in their non-shrill, unhysterical, deep voices. Fear not: The Anti Room have invited an all-male panel to discuss gender roles, stereotypes and what feminism means to them.

The menz with the answers: Stephen Donnelly TDPatrick FreyneJohn Byrne and Mark O’Halloran. The womenz with the questions: Anna Carey and Sinéad Gleeson

It all takes place at the Twisted Pepper (Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1) on Thursday July 25. Doors open at 7.30pm and the Bantering begins at 8pm. There’s limited free admission if you sign up here.