Bantercast 109: Web Summit – Allison Wagner & Nikki Dryden

It’s the first time we’ve had an Olympic medal winner at Banter and that was swimmer Allison Wagner who won a silver medal for the United States at the Atlanta 1996 games behind Irish swimmer Michelle Smith. Allison and former Canadian Olympic swimmer Nikki Dryden joined us for a dive into the deep, murkier end of the swimming pool with a look at the current state of the anti-doping movement as we asked why more attention is not being paid to systematic doping schemes in sport.

Bantercast 108: Web Summit – Michael Shamberg

It was a pleasure to say hello to Michael Shamberg. The producer of Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, Erin Brockovich, The Big Chill, Contagion, Gattaca, Get Shorty, Garden State and tons more – and currently advisor to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures – talked to us about the state of the movie business in 2016.

Bantercast 107: Web Summit – Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt will always be associated with the Sub Pop label. He was one of the co-founders of the hugely influential Seattle grunge label in the 1980s and he joined us at Banter in Lisbon to talk about the label’s genesis, the rise and rise of Nirvana, record labels today and his involvement with new tech play 8Stem.

Bantercast 106: Web Summit – Marian Goodell

Marian Goodell is one of the founding board members of the Burning Man Project and is now the organisation’s first CEO. She joined us on the Banter stage to talk about her long and winding road to Burning Man, what keeps her turned on about the event and what comes next for the worldwide community of Burners.

Bantercast 105: Web Summit – Bill James

Bill James is probably best known as the influential American baseball writer, historian, and father of sabermetrics but there’s another side to him too and that’s his interest in our cultural obsession with murder and popular crime. Aside from talking about his books Popular Crime and the forthcoming Man From the Train, about an early 20th century serial killer, Bill also talked stats and polling – and dodged a question about Tipperary hurling.