The List

A selection of six items for your reading, watching and listening pleasure. Updated every week.

(1) Prince “Sign O’ The Times”. The pick of the late great purple dude’s back catalogue, most of which is now on Spotify. Still waiting for “The Black Album” to appear there. May be waiting a while

(2) Did you ever stick a CD in the fridge? I did it once with a U2 CD and forgot all about it so it’s probably in a landfill somewhere at this stage. If you’re someone who bought the spiel that CDs would last forever, you didn’t reckon with disc rot. Fascinating read on the problems ahead for archivists and collectors.

(3) Notes On Rave In Dublin. Chances are you’ll recognise some of the characters in this trailer (some of whom have appeared at past Banters) for a doc on the good old raving days which screens at the Dublin International Film Festival later this month.

(4) There has been a lot of stuff written about Donald Trump moving in and Barack Obama moving out of the White House. Of the approximately 6.7809 million words penned to date, this piece is my favourite, concentrating on the letters people wrote to Obama over the last eight years.

(5) Forget the fact that the lads in the first picture all look like Paul Galvin and feel the quality of this piece on fashion peacocks and fanatics in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

(6) Kirk Franklin was one of the dudes who shone on Kanye West’s “Ultralight Beam”, but there’s a lot – a lot – more to him than that guest spot, as Vinson Cunningham’s fantastic New Yorker profile shows.