Banter 101 (101, Feb 2015)

There could only be one topic for Banter 101. Well, actually, that’s not quite true but, in the end, arms were twisted and legs were broken and we are where we are. I’m handing Banter over to my Irish Times colleague (and regular Banter guest) Una Mullally for the night and I’m leaving it to her to explain this one. Over to Una for what the takeover will involve

Over the course of one hundred Banters, Jim Carroll has interviewed countless people, tackled tricky topics, caused several scraps and brought his fast-paced interview style all over the country.

But for Banter 101, we go back to the origins. For this special Banter session, the tables will be turned and questions asked of Jim.



How did he get to where he is now? Are there any truth to the rumours that he once built a working Funktion-One sound system solely out of solicitors’ letters? Was the Choice Music Prize really founded after Jim lost a poker game to Tom Dunne? And what about his murky record label past? Or the fact that he’s from Tipperary?

On Wednesday February 4, the hunter becomes the hunted for Banter 101.

Decidedly uncomfortable with this event, Jim’s reaction when this this topic was suggested initially was “fucking no way. No fucking way. No. Fuck off.” But an incessant bullying/stalking campaign ensued and he finally agreed to give his first ever in-depth interview at Banter as the event goes back to basics: 101.

On the panel are a group of people who know how to wind Jim up.

Molly King, producer of Banter @ Other Voices.

“Me and Jim became an unlikely pair for Other Voices Banter for the last three years. I pretended to know what I was doing and he pretended to know where Benners Hotel was. The first meeting we had, I understood about 50% of what he said. I’m now an excellent JimCarrollinguist, and can translate on cue.”

Derek O’Connor, award-winning writer and filmmaker, co-creator of satirical blog Blogorrah, former director of Darklight Festival and a writer on the BAFTA winning CBBC series Roy.

“In the last century, Jim commissioned me to write music reviews for Eircom’s online hub Rondomondo – we’ve been talking nonsense about stuff ever since.”

Angela Dorgan, founder and director of First Music Contact, which encompasses Hard Working Class Heroes, and Music From Ireland.

“I know Jim as a music journalist whose review of Hard Working Class Heroes once made me cry, and then when I went back to it was full of useful and honest advice”

Ian Wilson. The legend.

More interrogators to be added.

The panel will be moderated by Una.

Before this Banter, we’ll be asking Jim’s colleagues, enemies, friends, and other “revellers” to submit their JIM RAPID-FIRE QUESTION ROUND on Twitter, in order to get the goss, test his knowledge, get under his skin and find out who’s playing Electric Picnic this year.

Banter 101 details: upstairs Twisted Pepper, Wednesday February 4. Doors open 6pm, the hunter gets hunted from 6.30pm. Admission is free (you can reserve a place here), but we’re asking folks to donate some cash at the door and all money raised will be donated to the Peter McVerry Trust.