Dress for Success Dublin at Banter (202, Nov 2018)

We’re delighted to join forces with Dress for Success Dublin to hold a special discussion panel around equality as part of their #WorkEqual campaign month.

Founded by our old pal Sonya Lennon, Dress for Success Dublin is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote the economic independence of women by providing career development tools and a support network. It’s an affiliate of Dress for Success Worldwide, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of women in 145 cities across 23 countries.


This Banter event will look at the area of equality in the workplace and the gender pay gap. But instead of airing and articulating the usual problems around this issue, we want to focus on possible solutions – is it possible to fix this?

Our panel of fixers: Sonya Lennon (Dress for Success), Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee (Chair of the cross-party parliamentary group on workplace equality), Mark Paul (business affairs correspondent with The Irish Times) and Deborah Somorin (founder Empower the Family and Senior Associate at PwC)

The details: Banter’s Dress for Success event will take place at The Liquor Rooms (Wellington Quay, Dublin 2) on Tuesday November 13. Doors open at 6pm and the event gets underway at 6.30pm followed by an audience Q&A. Tickets are now available here and all proceeds will go to Dress For Success Dublin.

Banter in Los Angeles (201, Nov 2018)

After our ace night out to mark Banter 200 (and big thanks to everyone who came along), we’re heading out foreign for Banter 201.

Thanks to the folks at Ireland Week, Banter 201 will take place in Los Angeles, California


We have a great crew of folks for you to meet in LA:

Brian “B+” Cross – hip-hop photographer, writer, film-maker and much, much more

Rory O’Neill – AKA Panti Bliss, the Queen of Ireland

Stuart O’Keeffe – celebrity chef

Mick Kiely – Xhail

More guests to be added

The details: Banter in Los Angeles takes place at Pearl’s Restaurant & Bar (8909 W Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood) on Friday November 2nd from 6pm. Tickets are available here.


Banter 200 (200, Oct 2018)

They said it couldn’t be done. In fairness, we also said it couldn’t be done. But, sure, look it, we’re here now and we might as well keep going.

When Banter kicked off in July 2009, there was no way on earth that we thought we’d still be here nine years and 199 events later. We didn’t think we’d last the summer, to be honest, after Banter #3 attracted two tourists who didn’t speak English and the proverbial one man and his dog, all of whom were there to shelter from the rain. But we kept going. And going. And going.

Banter has now hosted 200 events in a huge number of different venues, spaces and festivals up and down the country and overseas too. We could highlight some events and some guests, but that would be unfair.


Instead, some general thank yous. All the people mentioned on this page deserve a huge round of applause and a big thanks for agreeing to take part in one of our events. All the people who’ve ever turned up, paid good money and sat out front while we did our thing onstage deserves a shout out. All the brilliant people who’ve worked with us on these events – from booking us for their festival to making sure we sounded right on the night – deserve high fives.

I’m going to name two people here as they’ve put up with a lot (they’ve also put up with me): Eoin Cregan, who was the first Banter producer, and Jack Gibson who now looks after all of that. Without those two, Banter simply would not have happened or kept going for as long. They’re the ones to blame.

So, here we are. For Banter 200, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite guests from the past to join us again for a very special night.

The man who won the World Cup for Ireland – a conversation with the one and only Brian Kerr

Our pals who write booksSinéad Gleeson, Una Mullally, Eithne Shortall and Caoilinn Hughes discuss why and how they do what they do

Meet the editorsLois Kapila (Dublin Inquirer), Richie Oakley (The Times Ireland edition) and Christine Bohan (The Journal) discuss the life and strife of an editor.

Music from the superb Slow Moving Clouds whose new album “Starfall” will be released on September 21.


The details: Banter 200 takes place at The Workman’s Club (Wellington Quay, Dublin 2) on Wednesday October 17. Doors open at 6pm and the evening begins at 6.30pm. Tickets are now on sale here and all proceeds go to Women’s Aid.

Banter at Culture Night (198, Sep 2018)

As we did in 2016 and 2017, Banter will again join forces with RTÉ for Culture Night 2018 on Friday September 21 at the National Museum.


Culture & Me will see a number of guests talking about the role of arts and culture in their lives and work. It could be a book, a film, an album, a piece of visual art or all of the above: we want to know about the art which turns them on – and why.

Our guests for Culture Night 2018 are as follows:

Andrea Horan: founder of the Tropical Popical nail salon and co-host of the Don’t Stop Repealin’ podcast (4.30pm – tickets available here)

Ivana Bacik: a senator in Seanad Éireann for the University of Dublin since July 2007 and  the Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology at TCD (5.30pm – tickets available here)

Emilie Pine: best-selling author of Notes To Self (Tramp Press) and Associate Professor in Modern Drama at UCD (7.30pm – tickets available here)

Tickets for all three events are free and are available at the links above



Hey! What’s wrong with EU? (199, Sep 2018)

An array of evolving dramas have ensured that the EU and its fate have not left daily discourse in a long time. Structural instability, member states eroding the rule of law and the persistence of populism and farright rhetoric are among the many forces which have undermined certainties citizens have taken for granted for a generation. And look, we didn’t even mention Brexit.

Hey! What's Wrong With EU_ (1)

Banter wants to ask how much do we actually know about the European project and what currently ails it?

Helping us to answer that question will be Deike Potzel (German Ambassador to Ireland), Hannah Deasy (Communications Director at the Institute of International and European Affairs), Dr Karen Devine (Lecturer in International Relations & EU politics at DCU) and Jack Good (Paddy Wants To Know Brexit podcast).

The details: Banter on the EU will be held at The Liquor Rooms (Wellington Quay, Dublin 2) on Tuesday September 25. Doors open at 6pm and the discussion begins at 6.30pm-ish. Tickets are now available here and all proceeds from the event will go to Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.