An Evening with the Climate Wise Women (021, Apr 2011)

Climate Wise Women is a global initiative to promote women’s leadership on climate change and to give a human face and voice to this issue.

It features women leaders from regions and communities directly affected by climate change putting their narratives on public view in a traveling speaking tour. While the world continues to debate whether climate change actually exists, communities are counting on Climate Wise Women to find bold solutions and provide leadership.

The Climate Wise Women who spoke in Dublin at Banter were Constance Okollet, chairperson of the Osukuru United Women’s Network from Tororo in Eastern Uganda, and Ursula Rakova, executive director of Tulele Peisa, an organization seeking to voluntarily relocate 1,700 Carteret Islanders whose islands and food supply are rapidly eroding to mainland Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. They were joined by Gavin Harte (